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Brie Larson wins Oscar for Best Actress for her part in Room


After picking up Golden Globe and Bafta wins, actress Brie Larson completed the sweep on Sunday at the Oscars. Larsen scooped the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in drama Room.

In the film, Larson plays a woman who is kidnapped, raped and confined to a room with her child for seven years. Larsen was nominated in total for four Oscars, including Best Actress.

Just before receiving the award at the ceremony in LA yesterday, Larsen high-fived her young co-star, Jacob Tremblay, who played her son in the piece. Once on stage, the star was full of praise for Tremblay, calling him her partner through this “in every possible way.”

She also had thanks for real-life boyfriend, Alex Greenwald, and to all the crew who worked on the hard-hitting movie.


A movie very much of our times, Room sees Larsen play a young women kept in a shed as a sex slave. Enduring seven years of captivity, Larsen’s character gives birth to a son resulting from a rape by her captor.

Eventually the pair escape to the outside world, in a scenario similar to the real life cases of Elisabeth Fritzl and Amanda Berry – the captives of Josef Fritzl and Ariel Castro.

After receiving her Oscar, Larsson celebrated with A-listers Leonardo Di Caprio, Alicia Vikander and Mark Rylance. Di Caprio finally achieved his aim of capturing an Oscar – at the sixth attempt – earning Best Actor for his role in historical drama The Revenant.

The massively successful Mad Max: Fury Road missed out on Best Picture, but instead collected six other Oscars, including for Sound, Editing, Costume Design and Production.

Next up for winner Larson is action thriller Free Fire, and likely blockbuster Kong: Skull Island. A Bollywood style musical is reportedly also in the works – Basmati Blues.

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