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Black Friday shopping helps toys sales leap back after a decade decline in sales


This Black Friday appears to be the best for the toys industry in over a decade, and the sales of various toys from various toys companies raises hopes that markets for toys may be widening in the coming years, thanks to the technological innovations occurring to toys which have made them more interactive and real-to-life after being seen in epic movies.

A classic example here is Star Wars film, whose leading characters are finding their ways into retail shops where families are lapping them up like nothing else. Judging by the Black Friday sales of movie toys, it is expected that characters such as Yoda, Elsa, and Skylanders Superchargers among others might see the best of buying action in the holiday season extending to the end of this year.

The technological innovations being integrated into new toys are making the latter to fly off shelves in a hurry than consumers can catch, yet customers are marching in droves to retail shops to sign off toys from their shopping lists as fast as they can.

“I’ve been to five different places trying to find this stupid thing,” said Jennifer Dalbey, a shopper who was at the Toys R Us store in Alexandria. She was able eventually to get the Fisher-Price Bright Beats toy she’d been after. She also got a set of Mega Bloks.


The rate of toys sales in 2014 was 4%, but market analysts project this might increase between 6.2% to 7.3% by the end of this year.


Meanwhile, the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens film has already grossed a whooping $50 million in advance ticket sales even though it will arrive theaters across the country on December 18 this year.

Since Star Wars toys were launched in September by Disney on Force Friday, marketers said every dollar out of 11 dollars spent on toys was spent on Star Wars gear; and the more people watch the movie and get familiar with the characters the more they want to get the toys when they sight them on retail shelves.

Not only Star Wars characters are being picked off shelves, those of Jurassic World and Minions and Frozen among others are also being selected, and Hasbro together with Mattel’s Hello Barbie are gaining wider attention across retail shops on Black Friday.

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