Big fashion names start adopting tech to fitness fashion wear

Consumers have started to be more conscious of their health, but that would also include how they would look once they do work out. Add to that the fact that with modern day advancements, highlighted by apps and other paraphernalia, working out these days have opened the doors of being fashionable as well. Hence, enter Lauren and Burch.

Burch started it out a month ago, unveiling a jewelry line which houses the popular Fitbit fitness tracker. And just this week, Ralph Lauren introduces the tech-embedded sports shirt, leading the way for new embedded and wearable tech which are bound to be of interest from health and of course fashion buffs who want to get in with the times.

Apparently the new dawn of wearable technology is something that many garment manufacturers could profit from. In fact, David Lauren was surprised why some retailers have not launched similar garments, admitting that he was waiting for some other company to get ahead of them. As it turns out, they become the instigators, something which should lead other companies to follow their and Burch’s lead.

Seeing folks lean on wearable technology has become a common sight. Some actually use it while others simply want to be up to date with the fashion trends, especially the ones who pay large attention to fashion trends. Looking at it more closely, these fashion statements even entice the people who would care less about exercising or staying in shape. So in a sense, the new trend seems to be more of an inspiration as it tries to make people look good, physically and fashionably.

So what wearable technology entices people? Well, in a survey done by Forrester, 42% preferred tech they could wear on their wrist while only 19 percent would don garments. Should this be a cause for concern? Apparently not just yet.

Like most fashion trends, it has to start at some point. Wrist devices are something we already see to date. As for wearable garments, give it time, and exposure and a lot of folks are bound to want to own one.

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