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AT&T’s ultra-fast GigaPower advertises $29 fee for privacy and security


AT&T has an ultra-fast Internet service that it’s offering in select regions, but those plans have come under fire as the company also noted that there would be a cost to remove any advertising tracking within the service. According to the company, in order to maintain your security and prevent third-parties from monitoring web searches and tracking information that is being logged will cost $29 each month. However, conflicting reports are now surfacing that argue that the service will cost in excess of $40 or even $60 to maintain the secure, tracking-free, high-speed service.

Breaking down the cost of the service is what ultimately uncovers the real cost of the GigaPower security fee. Its $99 per month, plus a $7 per month modem fee, and then a one-time activation fee that brings the total to a collective $114. Breaking that down reveals that the real cost of the security comes out to be $44 instead of $29. However, what is ultimately being compared is the cost of fees and taxes, which as usual account for a pretty large chunk of the respective service.




AT the end of the day, this service will live, or die, by how effectively it manages the fact that its users are paying for security – something very few people want to hear now-a-days. Users don’t want to have to beg for a secure service that won’t cost them more money for the service, and then more money for the preservation of that security. Users want simplicity, and they want security – it’s quite simple. However, the service is still only available in a thin-layer of locations – and the future is unclear for GigaPower, as it’s the cutting-edge in terms of Internet firepower.

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