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Apple might really be working on an electric car


Apple is working on something that might strike some as a surprise. Others though, might not be as surprised to learn that it’s being reported now that Apple is actually working on entering the electric car market. While the details are unknown, the company is without question getting into the business of developing more than just software for the inside of the car. Rather, the company is focused on delivering more than the software, and bringing some serious brainpower to the conversation. While many news stories have hinged around the notion that Apple should start to worry that their best employees are getting poached from Tesla, thanks to Elon Musk throwing money at those individuals looking to make a change – Apple has completely turned the narrative in their favor.

Now, it would appear as though Apple will be competing directly with companies like Tesla and Google to produce electric vehicles that are used for multiple purposes. The report also indicates that Apple is dedicated a staff of a few hundred, and making some expensive trips to places like Austria, to meet with, and talk to suppliers who might be helping make an Apple car a reality. It was just last year that Apple had debuted CarPlay, which was a software system that was geared toward creating a unique interface inside of a vehicle.

Combine this with the other significant pieces of technology that Apple has working in its favor when it comes into this project, and what you’re left with is a company that really might not be able to be stopped – should they enter the market. However, many believe that a company like Tesla isn’t the one that they’re actually working to compete with. Instead, Apple has its eye set on Google – who is working on creating a driverless car. The notion that Apple could effectively beat Google to the driverless car, and create the rideshare service, or partner with one of the existing services to put their vehicles in motion – would be a major blow to Google. Right now Apple is remaining quiet on the report and not talking about any plans that they may have for the future when it comes to a car – but this certainly isn’t the first time a concept car has been suggested. Now though, it would appear as though we’re closer than we ever have been before to actually seeing an Apple car on the market for real.

SOURCEBloomberg Business
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