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Apple iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5SE release date due this March, suggests rumors


Apple is getting set to announce the newest models of its most popular devices in March, according to recent reports. The Cupertino company will be unveiling the iPad Air 3 as well as another iPhone, though it won’t be the iPhone 7. Instead, the newest model of the firm’s cellular phone will be called the iPhone 5SE. The handset has gone by a number of different names but what most reports agree on is that the devices will have a 4-inch screen as well as an A9 processor and a body that is similar to what we’ve seen from recent models.

This phone is not expected to be an actual upgrade, but rather another version of the iPhone 5 that has a few new features and is actually smaller than the original version of that line. The 4-inch phone will have the some better power than the 5, and will have Apple Pay, though it doesn’t appear it’s going to have 3D Touch. Once it’s unveiled in March, it’s said it could be shipping by later in the month of April at the latest. This will be a kind of bridge between what’s available now and the eventual announcement and unveiling of the iPhone 7 in September.

When it comes to the iPad Air 3, there aren’t a ton of details available, though some reports hint it will be coming with four speakers like the iPad Pro. The Taiwanese website, Digitimes also claims they have had sources tell them this newest 9.7-inch tablet will be equipped with a 4K display and will come with up to 4GB of RAM. It should be pointed out that Digitimes does not exactly have a 100 percent correct track record when it comes to reporting on things like upcoming devices. At the same time, 4K is becoming more prevalent technology and it could be one way Apple will set the IPad Air 3 apart from the previous versions.

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