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Apple could sell 19M Apple Watches according to BMO


Apple is building a lot of excitement with regards to the Apple Watch as the “Spring Forward” event draws closer. The event which is likely to showcase the Apple Watch is just the latest in a string of events that bode well for the company as the break into the wearable space for the first time ever. While many have expected that the company will sell a tremendous number of Apple Watch units, it remains to be seen how well those figures will hold up in real-time. That being said, those outlandish figures have once again been reiterated by BMO Capital Markets who believe that Apple could sell 19 million Apple Watches in the first year of them being on the market alone.

Keith Bachman of BMO also believes that roughly 10 million of those units will come during holiday season, which will surely be a massive selling period for the Apple Watch. To start though the company believes that just 3.9% of all iPhone users will purchase an Apple Watch, which will surely be a good sign. If that’s not good enough, the company will also be seeing tremendous growth and sales in 2016 according to BMO’s predictions.

That being said, Bachman went on to point out that he believes as many as 36 million units would be sold in 2016 – which would put Apple over the 10% threshold in terms of number of iPhone users, also using an Apple Watch. This though coincides with a report that recently came out that suggested that the Apple Watch would be a product that would be used in short bursts, rather than for long, and extended periods of time. Some tests that the company is running suggest that the Apple Watch would be used as little as at 10-seconds at a time. This would bode well for the BMO forecasts because they also anticipate that battery life will not be an issue with these devices.

They point out that the combination between the fact that people are used to charging their smartphones every night, combined with the fact that Apple has apparently worked toward the device only being needed for very short, 10-second bursts will all play out well for the company when it comes to sales. They will drive the bottom line with the Apple Watch, which apparently won’t have as many battery issues – if it is only being used in short bursts – or those battery issues will apparently not be enough to stop consumers from getting in line for the Apple Watch.

SOURCEApple Insider
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