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Apple to amalgamate Beats Music with iOS, says report


Itching to dominate every sector of the industry, Apple never ceases to widen its empire, market share, and crush its rivals. Music services, such as Spotify and Rdio that have been enjoying a nice breeze of success are about to experience a nail-biting competition with Apple. According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple might merge Beats Music with iOS, which would make Beats Music come with every future iPad and iPhone.

With an additional move in its arsenal, Apple might even charge less for the streaming service. According to New York Times, Apple has been discoursing with Record Labels for a change in licensing terms that would give Apple the room to charge $5 every month for music streaming, as opposed to the $10 per monthly charges that Spotify and Rdio take for their elementary add-free subscription. In essence, with charges half the prices of what Spotify and Rdio charge each month, Apple will be coming on too strong for Rdio and Spotify.


For some people, the merger of iOS and Beats Music might sound quite outlandish since the future of Beats Music has been uncertain after its acquisition by Apple for $3 billion. However, if we put ourselves in Apple’s shoes, merging Beats with iOS under a different name or embedding it in iTunes altogether seems to be a very feasible decision to make. Introduction of a new music app for iOS to customers would be warmly received in which subscriptions could be very easily made via iTunes. In summary, Apple would ride high if it brings out a whole new music service for its users.



It is not clearly known when iOS will come with Beats; some have said that it might come as soon as March 2015.

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