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Antarctica records its highest temperature ever, trouble for Penguins


Antarctica possibly has just had its hottest day in the recorded history. Bob Henson and Jeff Masters, weather bloggers at the Weather Underground, reported that last Tuesday, the temperature of the continent reached 17.5°C or 63.5°F.

In their report, the two bloggers cited researcher Maximiliano Herrera’s statement where he indicated that the highest temperature experienced by the continent prior to this was recorded just a day before at the Marambio Base in Argentina.

For those who don’t know: the Marambio Base is situated on a tiny islet adjacent to the shoreline of the Antarctic Peninsula. According to Herrera, the temperature of the Marambio Base on Monday was 63.3°F.



The report published on Weather Underground indicated that it has not yet been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization or WMO whether the temperatures recorded in Antarctica during the past week were actually all-time records for the continent. However, the report informed that these recent highs have already been verified as the highest temperatures to be ever recorded in Antarctica by a weather service in Argentina.

Before the heat wave of March 2015, the highest temperature of the continent was recorded on April 24, 1961 at the Esperanza Base. Coincidentally, the highest temperature resulting from the recent heat wave was also recorded at the Esperanza Base of the continent.

According to another report, the reading got logged onto the Antarctic Peninsula’s northern tip; so, it may not be considered a part of Antarctica when it comes to keeping weather records. However, this is surely not the final decision; the WMO will most likely examine the region soon and determine whether it should be considered a part of Argentina or Antarctica.


The year 2015 seems to be a year when the Earth is experiencing significant rise in its average temperature. A few weeks back, we came to know about decrease in the thickness of an arctic sea ice from a study published in the famous science journal The Cryosphere. During the said study, researchers discovered that the thickness of the ice was decreasing more steadily and quickly than previously presumed. All these are alarming signs for our planet and clearly indicates increased rate of global warming.

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