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5 Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store


If you’ve just finished your website and it looks fantastic, you’ll feel like your business is turning a new leaf, but there’s nothing that can curb your enthusiasm more than a lack of visitors. It can be difficult to get that momentum that you need at first but keep trying to promote your store using the following tips!

SEO web development

Modern SEO is about the usability and user experience of your website but does still incorporate traditional techniques like keyword analysis. SEO is a constantly changing discipline as search engine algorithms get updated. If you want to do it yourself, it’s possible but a full-time job, most people, just get their developer to do it. Although developers are more associated with creating websites from scratch, many works by improving eCommerce platform websites, like enhancing their SEO. If you’re looking to find a developer for platforms like Shopify, you can find a good guide on blackbeltcommerce.com.

Start Blogging


Blogging is great for any website and companies that have a blog have significantly more inbound links as well as get prioritized by Google. Fresh content is an indicator to both viewers, customers, and search engines that your website is staying relevant and highly active, which will help to promote your trustworthiness, especially if your content portrays you as an expert in your field.

Leverage Social Media

Social Media should work with your website, and there’s little excuse not to with the billions of people on social media – chances are the people that will buy your product are also on social media. You should work out where your customers lie (e.g. for younger generations target something like Tiktok, for older generations, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook will do) and then put your messaging out across different channels, so your brand appears consistent and ubiquitous. Don’t just use social media to push your products, use it to share content and tell stories that involve your products – whether that’s about your team and the people behind it or your customers and how your products improve their lives.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is the advertising you see on Facebook or Google and involves you paying each time somebody clicks on your advertisement. It’s a fantastic choice if you want to supplement your promotion efforts, but you shouldn’t fall into thinking that it will generate results by itself. A PPC campaign should be part of a wider strategy that at least has mapped out the whole customer conversion funnel and is working on a particular area of it.


Influencers can be on any channel, including real life! Most commonly, they’re on Instagram, blogs or YouTube, but you can get creative with who you approach. Your influencers could be paid to promote your products, but they could just as well be great advocates of your store. It’s important to identify the influencers that speak to your customers with extensive planning before you approach them. If you do not want to pay for their influence directly, you can always approach them to co-host an event.

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