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2016 Chevrolet Volt will feature superior battery charging


Customer feedback received for previous generation vehicles has compelled Chevrolet to launch an improved version of the Volt in 2016. The upcoming Volt will carry a number of additional features; one thing that can be confidently said that the experience the new car will offer will surely be smarter than the experience offered by the previous model of Chevrolet Volt.

Chevy started by improving one of the most critical components of modern day vehicles, the battery. According to the automaker, charging the new car and checking the status of its battery will be much easier due to its improved battery features.


The chief engineer of the 2016 Volt team Andrew Farah said that Chevrolet made the charging procedure more convenient and simpler based on experiences of today’s Volt users who wanted their car batteries to be more user-friendly. Farah added that in the new Volt, users will find greater flexibility as far as charging is concerned; they will be able to charge the car’s battery on their own terms.


A number of changes have been made to the car’s charging procedure. One of the most intriguing ones among them is the pre-set home charging setting. Chevy has added this feature considering that the majority of the car owners prefer recharging their vehicles at home.

The 2016 Volt will come equipped with a technology that will allow the car to understand when it is at a “home charging system”. The biggest benefit of having this technology in a car is that it will allow the user to preset charging settings at different voltages. In addition, due to this technology, the user will also be able to set the vehicle to charge when it’s not in use.


The new Volt will have new charge status indicators. To use Volt most effectively, one must know how fast the car is getting charged or whether it is being charged. Keeping this requirement in mind, Chevrolet has designed the car’s charge status indicators freshly.


The new indicators work based on a brand new system and use different tone. There’s a specially designed tone that indicate the beginning of the charging process, and there’s also a tone designed for indicating delayed charging. The automaker has even designed a separate tone to inform you that you have mistakenly left the charge port door open before you enter the vehicle; this is one feature that every vehicle can consider having.

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