Retirement can trigger positive changes in your lifestyle


According to a study report published in DNA India on March 13, 2016, it has been learned that retirement can boost positive impacts in lifestyles.

Melody Ding, a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney in Australia, has led the study, and their research indicates that people who have retired will most probably say NO to their dangerous routines, and will instigate new healthier habits.

The study clearly suggests that retired individuals will become physically more active and are less prone for smoking. They will develop healthier sleeping patterns and will reduce their sitting time.

The findings were published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, and the results were compiled after following the lifestyle behavior of 25,000 elderly Australian citizens. The researchers have analyzed various factors which include diet patterns, sleep patterns, and physical activities before making the conclusions.

As per the findings, the number of physical activities among retired personals increases by 93 minutes in a week. The sedentary time has reduced by 67 minutes per day, and the sleeping duration is increased by 11 minutes in a day. It should also be noted that 50% of female smokers have quit smoking after retirement.

People who live in urban areas have shown a considerable increase in their physical activity. They have reduced their sedentary time which is considered to be the healthiest move from retired personals.

Melody Ding told that lifestyle changes were most pronounced in people who have worked full time in their professional career. During the time of working and commuting, it eats up much of their daytime. Retiring from their professional life helps people to find more time for physical activities and thus they will be able to sleep more.

Researchers believe that this new finding will instigate an active spirit in the minds of elderly citizens, and they will adopt healthier habits which will help them to prevent cardiovascular disorders.



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