Video: Watch Fight Between Real Dog vs Boston Dynamics’ AI robot Spot

On March 02, 2016, Steve Jurvetson, a venture capitalist posted a YouTube video titled ‘Fido v/s spot’ that displays a fight between Spot, the artificial robot made by Boston Dynamics Group of Google and Alex, a small terrier. This video showed Alex as the winner.

Alex belongs to Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, who is currently heading Playground Global, the tech startup incubator. Alex makes attempts to herd Spot.

Spot robot was first unveiled by Boston Dynamics early last year. The weight of this remote controlled robot is 160 pounds, and it includes navigational sensors in the haul and head around 40 pounds. Once, you knock it on its side; it can stand back.

Initially, Spot was designed by Boston Dynamics for operations, and now it is seen in the hands of civilians. Last fall, Spot was tested for carrying or scouting loads. The robot ended up being quite as compared to its rival, the LS3 robo-mule. Ben Swilling, the DARPA roboticist stated that after evaluating it for a week, robots cannot get shot or die.

As per a news report, it was stated the primary concern Google had is the problems of the world. They are going to make an attempt at making money and do it as a private company.

Swarms of smart drones that act autonomously for overwhelming air defenses can prove to be useful transformative weapons. However, if such capabilities exist, they would be transformative owing to their autonomous systems.

As per another report, it was seen that Spot can be a potential ground reconnaissance asset but as per its current configuration it doesn’t have an autonomy of doing it. A lot of self-balancing techs can be found in the next-Gen Atlas Robot.

The response ranged from queries to usual Skynet jokes along with some sarcastic claims abusing the robot.


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