Selfie Craze Leads To Death Of An Endangered Baby Dolphin

Selfie Craze

A tourist who handed around a baby dolphin stated that it had died before selfies were taken with it on the Argentinian beach.

As per the footage, it is shown that the dolphin was scooped up and was taken to a land that was too crowded. Beach holiday-makers paraded it along with them so that they could take photos and owing to overheating; it died.

The video shot at Santa Teresita beach has sounds of people saying ‘Poor thing, don’t touch it’ and ‘Take it to the water’.

However, Hernan Coria, a tourist stated that along with this dolphin, many others were many others that were washed up dead.

He told the local news sources that since the water was hot and was full of jellyfish, people were hesitant in going there.

He further stated that “Everything happened in five minutes. It was washed up already dead. They took it back to the water, but it wouldn’t go back out.”

According to him, there were incidents of dolphins being washed up dead on other beaches as well since there was no lifeguard on duty. He added that the same thing had happened a day before.

Named La Plata dolphins, one can find these only in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and they can inhabit only saltwater. They are a vulnerable species on the Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union For Conservation of Nature and currently their population is below 30,000.

World Wildlife Fund of Argentina states that this incident would provide a good lesson for people.

It further said that this occasion informs people about returning the dolphins to the sea urgently if they have an encounter with one on the shore.


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