10 YouTube Video Making Tips For Beginners


When you’ve come across this article, you must be a regular on the Internet and aspiring to start a YouTube channel to explore your skills and showcase it in front of the world. There are many articles and videos guiding various parameters about creating videos for YouTube as a beginner. Video shooting has become considerably way more accessible and affordable thanks to smartphones with professional quality cameras. Now just a smartphone, Internet connection, and some quality video editor like InVideo are enough to pursue your video making dreams.

So let’s dig deeper and take a look into 10 important aspects as a beginner in YouTube-

  • Remember to cover multiple angles

While shooting videos, the best practice to follow is to shoot from various angles. Don’t hesitate to experiment, if you stay too conservative while shooting from multiple aspects and angles, you may end up regretting not having enough options while you start editing. It’s always better to have multiple options for the same shots during the editing stage. Just try to recall how many cameras cover in various angles while shooting a scene of a movie or any professional video. There are numerous benefits of having footages from various angles.

As you start, you may not have multiple cameras to cover various angles at one go, but try to take multiple shots covering various angles. It will work wonders for the output of your work, in terms of catchy transitions and scene switching.

  • Proper Introduction

A proper YouTube Intro is essential for making your videos interesting and gaining the expected exposure. The introduction of your video will help the viewer decide whether they will continue watching your video or leave. So, pay due attention to it and try to keep it short and informative about your work.

  • Learn to delete

Yes, we just discussed how important it is to have footage from multiple angles, and you should practice it while shooting your videos. But it does not mean you will include every shot of the same scene just because you shot it. Taking multiple shots is meant to leave you with numerous choices while editing your YouTube videos and selecting the best among the lot.

Moreover, don’t include every video you shot; doing so will negatively impact your overall work and leave your audience with a bitter and boring experience.

  • Don’t worry much the camera

You don’t need to be too worried about the quality of your camera. As discussed in the beginning, there are thousands of smartphones available in the market that do a great job. It is not always about the camera, but if you know what you are doing with it, your work will speak. The essential points to consider while choosing a camera are the stabilization and its audio quality. After all, you don’t want your viewers to see shaky and weak sound quality videos. You can always refer to various sources before making a purchase.

  • A good Video Editor

Your creativity behind the lens is only a part of the whole package, but how you execute your footage together and tell a story to your viewer’s matters a lot. To achieve that, you will need to use a reliable video editing tool like Video Creek. It may seem confusing, but as you pick up the tricks in time, you will be able to see the difference in your work.

  • Keep learning

There is no specific time to learn and no limit to it. Don’t stop learning new things every day; it is the only way that can make you better with your skills. Watch lots of movies, videos and whenever you notice different angles and techniques, pick it up, study about them and execute them in your future works. It is the only way you can keep upgrading yourself and your content. After all, change is the only constant.

  • Thumbnail

If you are regular on YouTube as a viewer, you must know that the first thing we notice while choosing a video to watch is their thumbnail. It is like the cover of your content, I know we should not judge the book by its cover, but the thumbnail plays a significant role in your video views and popularity.

So pay proper attention while choosing a thumbnail for your video, try to keep it attractive and yet subtle. But don’t clutter it with too many things.

  • Don’t be impatient

Don’t lose hope if things are not going as planned and don’t compare yourself with others. Keep working hard; remember everyone starts from zero.

  • Be regular

Always post new content regularly; your work will be more polished with practice. So keep on working on new content regularly and keep a target for yourself.

  • Don’t bother about the negative remark

Social media is a public place, and everyone has their view on things. Don’t ever let any negative remark bring you down, always take every remark on your stride and work to be a better version of you.


These tips will be more than enough for you to start your video journey with YouTube. All the best!

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