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Your Data is more vulnerable than you think, says reports by EaseUS

You can lose your precious data in many ways but some of the below mentioned ways occur more often. For instance, many times, your reason for losing data would be a major failure, an unintentional or deliberate action or a natural disaster. In each case, you end up losing your precious and sometimes very precious data in the process. Here, you will find more details and a definite solution to your problem of losing crucial data:

Statistics of Data Loss

Statistics show that approximately 46% users have lost their data in the past 10 years. Whereas, about 50% data was lost as a result of hard drive failures. Similarly, about 36% have lost it through financial and customer information and 72% were those who ended up losing data as a result of major shut down with the first two months. Surprisingly, only 15% have lost data as a result of theft.

Data Loss According for Countries

Here is a breakdown of data loss for different countries across the globe:

  • Netherlands – 16.8%
  • Germany – 11.4%
  • India – 0.7%
  • Ireland – 0.7%
  • Austria – 1.2%
  • Japan – 1.2%
  • Canada – 3.25%
  • Great Britain – 5.6%
  • USA – 25.5%
  • China – 2.0%
  • Italy – 1.8%
  • Spain – 1.9%
  • Australia – 2%


Failure is perhaps the most common way of losing data. There are many types of failures, ranging from power outage to dangerous fluctuation in voltage. They’ll either end up damaging your hardware either severely or mildly. In both cases, you can lose your system’s data,

The second most common way of losing data is when your hardware encounters a problem. On most occasions, it is your hard drive that starts showing signs of wear and tear for some reason. Whether it suffers from bad clusters or other issues, it will be difficult to make it run again. If that happens, the probability of losing data becomes very high.

Software is another issue that can lead you lose your private data. However, in some cases, software related issues are not always lethal to your data. System crash and corruption in database and files. In both instances, you are likely to lose your precious data.

Unintentional Action

Sometimes, users either lose their data thanks to unintentional actions. The most common of which is a system hack, deleting partitions and files by mistake or a virus attack, or misplacing CD or memory stick. In each case, unintentional action can lead to loss of files and precious data.

Intentional Action

Often, your intentional action leads to undesired consequences. For instance, partition deletion or hard drive formatting is the most common cause of intentional data deletion.

Natural disasters

To be frank, not much can be done to protect your data from natural disasters such as earthquake, thunderstorm, fire, tornado, hurricane as they fall quite suddenly, often without a prior warning.

Use EaseUS to Save Your Data

It is a fact that there is no data recovery tool, free or purchasable, in the market that is worth using. The problem is not just recovery but the questionable performance of these tools. Even if they could somehow recovered some of your data, they’ll make your system unstable. As a result, you’ll end up losing more data than what you’ve recovered. This is where EaseUS fits in. Today, EaseUS is perhaps the most stable and well worked data recovery and partition tool available in the market.

Free Recovery Software

With EaseUS tool, recovering your lost data has become quite easy. The best part of using this free data recovery software is that it can recover data from any type of hardware be it music player, computer hard drive be it internal or External, Magnetic or SSD, memory card, USB flash drive, smartphone and even your digital camera. Using a very easy to use and eye catching user interface makes recovering your data even easier.

Recovery Data

Recovering your lost data is often more difficult that you might think. It takes a tremendous amount of time and skill to design a tool that could data recovery software. Even then, most tools deliver questionable performance at best. With EaseUS data and partition recovery tool, your data, no matter how you lose it, is always safe and recoverable. Moreover, EaseUS does it with utmost of ease and without destabilizing your system.

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