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Microsoft announced at the Build 2023 developer keynote on May 24 that it will allow users to remove the Microsoft News feed in Windows 11’s widgets board in an update later this year. This will allow users to have a clean, clutter-free widget board that only shows their favorite widgets.
Currently, the widgets board in Windows 11 displays news and video stories pulled in from the Microsoft News website. While users can hide stories they don’t like, they cannot outright remove the news feed. This can be frustrating for users who don’t want to see such news stories when they open the widgets board.
But that will change with an update later this year. The update will bring a new layout that will allow users to choose between different options, including a “widgets only” mode that removes the MSN feed. This will give users more control over how they use the widgets panel and make it easier to find the information they need.
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The new layout is part of a larger effort by Microsoft to improve the widgets panel. In recent months, the company has added new features to the panel, such as animated widget icons to the taskbar. The new layout is another step in Microsoft’s efforts to make the widgets panel more useful and user-friendly.
I’ve never liked the news that pops up in the Widgets panel. And the most frustrating thing is I couldn’t change or remove it because there was no option. Many of you might feel the same way. But Microsoft is taking user feedback and making its platform more user-friendly, which is a step in the right direction. I’m happy that the brand will finally let us remove news feed from Windows 11.
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