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Windows 11 version 22H2 appears to be feature complete – Ghacks


The first feature update for Windows 11 has been declared as feature complete. Microsoft released Windows 11 in late 2021 to the public and revealed in that year that it plans to release a single feature update per year for Windows 11 and 10 going forward.
Windows 11 Build 22567Windows 11 Build 22567
This week, Microsoft released Insider Preview build 22567 for Windows 11 and a cumulative update build, which moved the build number of the operating system to 22567.100. The cumulative update included no new features or changes. Its purpose was to test the servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev channel according to Microsoft.
The latest update confirms the version of the next feature update, as Microsoft lists it as Windows 11 version 22H2 in Windows Update. The version indicates the period in which the new version will be released, in this case, in the second half of 2022.
New features are not being added anymore to Windows 11 versions once they are declared feature complete. Microsoft will continue to work on new features for the next feature update that it plans to release in 2023. New features may also be added outside of the scope of feature updates.
Work on Windows 10 version 22H2 will continue in the coming weeks and months. Microsoft engineers will use the time to fix issues and improve features that have been added already to the new feature update.
Microsoft will push the new version of Windows 11 to the Beta development channel soon to increase the number of devices that participate in testing. Microsoft has yet to announce a release date for Windows 11 version 22H2. Rumors suggest that it may be released as early as Summer 2022.
Windows 11 version 22H2 may be completed in May 2022, and released between June 21 and September 23 of 2022 according to that rumor. Development is an active process, however, and delays may occur that push the release date to October 2022 or even later than that.
The developer build versions of Windows 11 may receive new features in the coming builds as these are active development builds. The Dev builds will move to a new build number eventually that distinguishes it from beta and stable versions of the operating system.
Now You: what would you like to see in the next versions of Windows 11? (via Deskmodder)
I would really like having back the option to ungroup taskbar icons for the same application.
There’s no logic in having to click more for being productive.
Microsoft will never listen, but thankfully there are third-party options.
My favorite is StartAllBack: https://www.startallback.com/
But there are also free options like ExplorerPatcher: https://github.com/valinet/ExplorerPatcher
7+ Taskbar Tweaker supports both StartAllBack and ExplorerPatcher classic taskbar implementations:
Best way to get productivity in W11 is to apply tweaks provided by Valinet’s Explorer Patcher. :]
You don’t have to click more than once. When your mouse hovers over the program you should get a popup of however many instances you have open, and then click just once on it. My hover opens in like .0002 seconds, so it’s not like you have to wait a minute for them to show. Check your settings if you don’t get the popups.
2 actions none the less. Waiting on the hover, figuring out which thumbnail, and reversing mouse course stinks.
0.0002 seconds? Why spewing such blatant lie? If you like wasting time hovering instead opening INSTANTLY, sure Windows 11 is for you.
@Bobby Phoenix
Even if the popup was instantaneous it’s still turning a one-step process into a two-step process while also removing the option to choose. This objectively lowers productivity while passively telling the user “We know better, deal with it”. Users shouldn’t have to accept a worse way of doing things just because of Micro$oft’s ill-informed sense of aesthetics.
Even among one-step processes there are good and bad ways of doing things. For example turn signals on a car have been activated with a physical lever on the left since forever, but Tesla decided to try out a steering yoke on one of their model lines which turns the signal stalk into a non-tactile touch activated button for your thumb. This makes it easier to inadvertently signal the wrong direction or accidentally activate the signal if your hand or arm simply brushes against that area. From a usability (and safety) standpoint, this is objectively a terrible design, yet it happened anyway because once again someone has decided to prioritize aesthetics over practicality. Truly a saddening trend.
“…aesthetics over practicality…”
Why not copy Apple?
“Must keep slab in field of view at all times…Hail to the notch”
Difference is Apple doesn’t do anything they don’t have to; MS does almost nothing they have to. The first approach seems to generate loyalty far better; devices work just well enough. MS doesn’t get it at all.
It really doesn’t matter how fast the pop-up occurs, it’s the fact that you can’t just look down in the taskbar and see what you have running. With every successive release of windows they’ve made hiding important information their paramount interest in the name of “simplicity”. For example, a lot of the “modern” versions of control panel apps still have links to the old version because you can’t do certain things in the new version. And why does everything have to be so huge? The Apps app makes it impossible to scan the list of installed software quickly, sorted by different fields and quickly clean up a system.
ah yes, and as we all know, workflow-disrupting pauses are far more productive than a button thats there already!
No will never use start is back the patcher it maoe windows 11 look 5 years old and changes a lot of Stuff
your comment looks like it was written by a 5 year old, and no it doesn’t. you can literally just open the settings for startallback, and make it look however you want, literally can make it look and function exactly how windows 11 already works, adding features in the process. it obvious you literally just didn’t use the program for more than 5 seconds.
For those of you whom have not already figured this out for yourself, here is the reason for the Windows 11 invocation from the start, given by Steve Gibson, presenter of “Security Now” on the TWiT network:
So now you know, if you didn’t already.
This is hard to watch, if it takes more than 3 sentences to write it out, please don’t link me a 2 hour video.
Man, thats some narcissistic bullcrap right there!
you realize you basically just said:
“Everything I want to know should be handed to me in 30 seconds or less, and not require any effort or for me to learn anything, or you’re stupid. ”
someone obviously didnt go to college, and has never done any real critical thinking. (you)
Very interesting video, thanks for sharing that Peter.
What’s most interesting is that if Microsoft evangelists like Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott are being less than flattering about Windows 11 you know all things are not well in the Microsoft campus.
With any luck they’ll drop the TPM 2.0 requirements later like Steve suggest, i sure hope they do as forcing what amounts to online DRM checks is an absolute no go for me, i don’t trust anyone, especially Microsoft, enough to tell me what software, music and video i can or can’t run on my own PC.
Windows 11 is still a downgrade and a productivity nightmare. Microsoft is not listening. Nothing useful has been added since the first leaked build. The best option is to use Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise till 2029.
Spot on. Win11 is just horror so far. Especially not being able to ungroup taskbar icons. Who in his right mind suggested to disable that and who approved disabling?
Not everyone can use it till 2029, if you use it for personal then that isnt an option. Also windows 10 was awful too to be fair. Inconsistent UI, slow and forced updates getting in the way.
Great, because it already has more features than I want or need in an OS.
More Windows more problems.
W10 is the last good OS by Microsoft.
W10 is an awful OS actually, inconsistent UI, slow and forced updates.
W311 w/networking is the last good OS! LOL
Not exactly an OS, as it run over DOS imho. 😮
NT 3.51.
Miss the virtualisations in Windows media player on Windows 11. A spectrum analyser with preset equaliser modes would be greater improvement
Pls Microsoft restore the option to ungroup taskbar icons / apps and do it quick, that is yesterday.

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