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WhatsApp increases file sharing to 2GB, this is how much Gmail, Instagram and other platforms allow – Gadgets Now


Gadgets Now Bureau23 May, 2022, 11:04AM IST
WhatsApp has recently increased the file transfer limit to 2GB from 100MB. WhatsApp users can share photos, videos, documents and other file types over individual chats or groups.

Gmail has a maximum limit of 25MB as an attachment. It allows users to share any type of file that includes photos, videos, documents, etc. The email service also allows users to share bigger files via Google Drive.

Microsoft Outlook only allows users to attach files that are 20MB or less in size. Just like Gmail, Outlook also gives the option to share files as OneDrive attachments.

Telegram was among the first instant messaging platform to allow file-sharing of up to 2GB. The messaging allows users to share photos, videos, documents, etc in individual chats or groups.


Signal has different file size limits for different types of files. For instance, the app allows users to share photos of up to 6MB, however, the limit for sharing videos and files is set to 200MB and 100MB respectively.

Instagram only allows users to share photos and videos via Direct Messages. The limit here is set to 650MB.

Google Chat gives users the option to share files and documents. The limit is set to 200MB.

Facebook Messenger allows users to share audio, video, images and files of up to 25MB in size.

Skype give users the option to share photos, videos and other types of files. The maximum file size it supports should be 300MB or less.

Linkedin has a file size limit of 100MB. However, it only supports documents with 300 pages or less and image files.

Zoom allows users to share all types of files and it has a maximum size limit of 512MB.


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