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WhatsApp 800M active users will make it KING of social media


WhatsApp is continuing to grow. The messaging app has now hit 800 million users and the platform seems to just keep on growing. As the company recently added voice calls to the spread of options that the company would offer – they have now added the ability to store conversation and messages on Google Drive. On one hand, it’s an interesting move that will really assert WhatsApp’s dominance in the messaging space.

However, the bigger question stems around the idea of WhatsApp being the most dominant social app on the market. It’s certainly growing the fastest, and at this point, it doesn’t look like that growth is slowing down. It’s operated by Facebook, but maintained separately and is growing faster than Facebook or Messenger is individually, as well.

The recent addition of restoring messages that were lost or deleted really looks at how WhatsApp is pushing itself, as an alternative to traditional messaging options. Interestingly though, WhatsApp hasn’t really stopped when it comes to growing at this point, so it remains to be seen how they will perform heading into the future. There isn’t any reason to believe that the company would slow down its growth at this point, or that it wouldn’t be able to keep this speed up. Yet, the growth is so substantial it’s hard to envision a scenario where it continues uninterrupted.

WhatsApp is without question the hottest messaging and social app on the market right now. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the outright winner. The truth is that even with the stunning growth – there are continued problems for the messaging service. WhatsApp has a higher ceiling outside the U.S., than it does inside the U.S. Despite what the company is doing and the great direction that the platform is moving – doesn’t mean that it’s going to continue to grow at the rate that it’s growing right now.


If WhatsApp can hit one billion users by the end of the year – that would essentially put them over the top and quell the notion that their dominance is anything but true. Until then though they will have to continue work to fight that off, given the fact that they are solely a messaging platform.

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