Ship7 is an online parcel forwarding and shopping assistance service, based in New Jersey, USA, and London. It lets you shop from the US and UK and get delivered to your country with the lowest shipping charges. It offers a selection of shipping services to each region or country at various speeds. Moreover, it leads to taking the benefits of discounts for up to 80% on your shipping costs. You can shop anytime and from anywhere in the US. Shipments are available within 24 hours of receipt, and the request gets ready for shipment just the next day of business. The customers do not need to doubt the privacy of their products. All the items are stored in the alarmed warehouse and are protected by 24-hour video surveillance. Also, the workers make sure that they are appropriately packed so that there is no chance of any damage during transit.

Ship7 lets you shop from a variety of brands. Undoubtedly, the USA and UK online stores of almost every merchandise that exists in the world. Ship7 lets you know about the most significant deals and offers that are trending at a particular period. The site not only helps you in shopping internationally but also lets you avail of considerable discounts and sales. Also, the support team is very responsive, and response to the customers queries immediately regarding any issues as far as the items are concerned.

How Ship7 works

You can shop internationally from Ship7 with the help of the following steps –

  1. Sign up to get your private USA and UK addresses. The signing up option is entirely free of cost, and you do not need to spend at all for the process of registration.
  2. Once you sign up, enter your Ship7 address as your shipping address at check out when you shop in the US or UK websites. You can shop for a variety of renowned stores.
  3. You can shop and ship according to your preferences, based on how quickly you need the product to be delivered. You need to choose one of your suitable shipping methods to add your affordable shipping rate.
  4. You can expect the delivery of your product approximately after 2-5 working days, wholly depending on the shipping service you selected. Get your ordered items delivered at your doorstep.

More information about ship7

If you love UK and US products and want to get them to your country, you can show trust in Ship7. You cannot only purchase internationally but also save on international shipping costs by consolidating your items while enjoying ship7’s low shipping costs. People can calculate their shipping cost from Ship7 Calculator and also Ship7 provides tax-free shopping option and this is great news for global shoppers. You can also check the Tax-Free Shopping Option with Ship7.

The services provided by Ship7 are fulfilling the customers’ requirements, and the shipping prices are the most cost saving in the industry. Although ship7 hasn’t marked considerable years in the industry, it has gained the trust of more than 20000 members throughout. The side has also gained valuable and appreciative responses through review platforms such as Facebook, Trustpilot, and



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