What can you do with an event management degree?

‘You are the first person people think of when they need help in planning important events. Your charm and negotiation skills have saved the day more times than you can count. You have an outgoing and friendly personality that people find reassuring. If any of the above rings a bell, a career in event management could be perfect for you.

Event management roles offer plenty of opportunities for travel, new experiences and career progression. If you are interested in pursuing an event management degree and want to learn more about the career prospects, this blog is for you. It explains the responsibilities of an event manager and lists some fascinating career options in this field.

What does an event manager do?

Event managers juggle all the responsibilities associated with planning and executing a large-scale event such as a grand wedding or a talent show. The work of an event manager is fast-paced, varied and requires extensive travel. Event managers also need to be intuitive, good at convincing and have excellent negotiation skills to work with contractors and clients.

As an event manager, you might have to visit a venue for a site inspection in the morning, sit down with clients for their catering preferences in the afternoon and plan a food-tasting session in the evening. This profession is perfect for those who do not require the guidance of a specific job description and can improvise on the spot.

Career prospects

Pursuing an event management degree to start your career can be a great idea if you are looking for a job that allows you to display your creativity and resourcefulness. Here are some fascinating jobs you can take up after pursuing diploma in event management.

Wedding Planner

As the standard of living continues to improve globally, our weddings are becoming grander every year. Even though the wedding planning industry is relatively new, it’s growing at a tremendous space. As a wedding planner, you get to make the most important day of the bride and the groom, a special one. To become a wedding planner, you must have good organisational and communication skills.

Event Manager

Event managers are hired to plan and execute different types of events such as talent shows, birthday parties, conferences and beauty pageants. As an event manager, you will be responsible for coordinating between different contractors, interacting with clients and ensuring the appropriate distribution of resources. This job will require you to be resourceful and to deal with unexpected problems.

Fashion Show Coordinator

If you are awestruck by the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, an event management career can act as a great platform for you to enter this field. Coordinators are responsible for the successful organisation and execution of fashion shows and photoshoots around the world. As a fashion show coordinator, you’ll get the chance to rub shoulders with famous models and designers.

Apart from these professions, you can also make it big in the event management industry as a conference centre manager or a talent agent. To start your career in this industry, you should consider pursuing your diploma from an institute that offers internship or work experience opportunities.


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