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A boatload of HBO series and other Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) shows and movies are now available to watch for free on Roku. The Roku Channel now includes 14 ad-supported channels that are streaming more than 2,000 hours of WBD content, including shows like Westworld, The Nevers and Raised by Wolves, all of which vanished from HBO Max a few months ago.
In January, WBD struck deals with Roku and Tubi for free, ad-supported streaming (aka FAST) channels. Three of the cable-style channels debuted on Tubi in early February, but it took a little longer for them all to land on Roku.
The channels are each focused on different areas. There's one for fan-favorite shows like the canceled Westworld and Nikita (WB TV Watchlist), another centered around docuseries such as How It’s Made and How the Earth Works (WB TV How To), a channel for classic movies (WB TV At The Movies) and even one for baking competition series (WB TV Sweet Escapes). Licensing out content for streaming on FAST channels will give WBD another revenue stream as it tries to improve its bottom line — WBD posted a net loss of $2.1 billion for the last three months of 2022.
The channels are arriving on Roku just before WBD folds Discovery+ content into HBO Max as part of a combined streaming service sometime this spring. Discovery+ will remain as a standalone streaming service in the US. It's believed that the souped-up HBO Max won't immediately become more expensive. WBD raised the price of the ad-free HBO Max plan for the first time in January.
The company has yet to reveal the name of the new streaming service, though reports indicate that it will simply be called "Max" (shudder). We won't have to wait much longer to find out, though. WBD plans to spill the beans at an event on April 12th.
Sega intends to lay off 40 percent of its unionized workers' bargaining unit, according to the charge.
Google has given teens in most countries around the world access to its Bard AI chatbot, as long as their language is set to English and they meet the minimum age needed to be able to manage their own account.
The FAA has cleared Starship for a second test flight after an explosive first launch. SpaceX is now aiming for a November 17 launch date.
Hyundai just announced that its forthcoming Ioniq 5 N electric vehicle will go on sale next March. The Ioniq 5 N charges to 80 percent in just 18 minutes and boasts a 641 Horsepower (478 kW) motor.
ASUS will be offering a free replacement part to fix the 'Evangelion' typo on the special edition motherboard.
A biotech research firm has developed a tool that can measure your blood glucose levels without a finger prick.
The Comixology app is shutting down as of December 4. After that, users will have to use the Kindle app to access any comics, manga and graphic novels purchased or borrowed from the platform.
It’s not clear how much ad revenue Google generates from Safari, but it’s safe to assume that 36 percent of that number would likely be tens of billions of dollars.
Google Photos will now automatically identify similar photos that you took in rapid succession and group them in a single “stack” to clean up your library.
Outer Banks is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch. The game will launch on December 7.
Did Apple cancel 'The Problem With Jon Stewart' over its coverage and criticism of China? A group of lawmakers from a House of Representatives committee wants to know.
Apple’s iPhone 15 line will be among the first smartphones to adopt the recently-announced Qi2 wireless charging standard. Chargers are forthcoming from companies like Belkin and Anker.
Cameo has added a pair of superstars to its stable of celebrities available for personalized video greetings. AI-powered Cookie Monster and Elmo, who may or may not have fallen on hard times, will shamelessly plug their services on the six-year-old platform, offering to count to your kid’s age or rattle off words that start with the same letter as your child’s name for $25 a pop.
Existing iPhone 14 owners can use Apple's emergency satellite texting feature for free for an extra 12 months.
Chinese automobile manufacturer HiPhi just unveiled the HiPhi A, with a physical debut at this week’s Guangzhou Auto Show. The electric hypercar boasts a top speed of 186 MPH and reaches 60 mph in around two seconds.
Google has updated its lineup of Titan security keys with some features that'll make them work better with passkeys as well as passwords.
The kids’ version of the Tesla Cyberquad is back on sale. Made by Radio Flyer, the Cyberquad for Kids launched in 2021 but was recalled for not meeting CPSC standards. Radio Flyer says the new version of the $1,900 children’s vehicle now meets all CPSC requirements.
Google has started rolling out an experimental feature for Search Labs called Notes. The feature lets users add their own perspective to articles that come up in search results. It's still only a test phase, and those enrolled will be able to provide feedback.
Meta says it supports 'federal legislation that requires app stores to get parents’ approval whenever their teens under 16 download apps.'
Roku’s 4K streaming stick has dropped to $30 on Amazon as part of a Black Friday deal. This is the best price we’ve seen all year for the streaming stick and represents a savings of 40 percent.
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