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WEN hair care products accused of causing serious hair fall


The popular celebrity-endorsed hair care product range WEN has been found to cause severe scalp damage and hair fall in women. More than 200 women living in 40 different states have joined hands to file a class-action lawsuit against infomercial biggie Guthy-Renker and WEN Hair Care, alleging that the cleaning conditioner marketed by the company caused baldness, scalp irritation, rashes, hair discoloration and hair breakage among users.

The hair care products, which have been planned, manufactured and marketed by Guthy-Renker, the same company that marketed the widely acknowledged Proactiv acne treatment and a range of other famous beauty products, and Chaz Dean, the person responsible for helping some of the biggest names of Hollywood have perfect hair, are claimed to be sulfate-free alternatives to shampoo.

The said products have been marketed using infomercials featuring testimonials from celebrities like Alyssa Milano, Angie Harmon, and Brooke Shields. The testimonials suggest that WEN hair care products work as a shampoo, deep conditioner, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and detangler. However, a large number of women using the product have experienced something different; they are saying that the product, instead of doing any good to their hair, left their hair permanently damaged.

The companies promoting WEN hair care products claim that regular shampoos may damage our hair, but the products promoted by them are capable of improving appearance and health of our hair drastically just in one use.


The infomercials are designed for encouraging users to use WEN products in large quantities; they describe these products as gentle enough for everyday use. Additionally, according to those infomercials, no quantity is too much for these products, the more you will be using the better would be the results you’ll get.

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However, the lawsuit filed by Christiansen Davis’ law firm alleges that WEN hair care products are made of active ingredients that are actually depilatory, caustic agents, which cause chemical reactions that damage hair strands and/or hair follicles.

The lawsuit also alleges that the maker of the products was aware of all these complaints, but never did anything to correct them or never thought of removing products from stores. However, the lawsuit hasn’t specified the ingredients that can be blamed for the hair and scalp problems; instead, it has used the term “numerous harsh chemicals”.

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