Watch: This YouTuber Gave Away a $2.5 Million Private Jet as Part of a Bizarre Challenge – Robb Report

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Rachel Cormack
How far would you go for a free private jet?
This question was the foundation of MrBeast’s latest video challenge. The minted American YouTuber, who is known for his elaborate stunts and insane giveaways, has gifted his $2.5 million aircraft to the winner of a rather bizarre game of endurance.

For the challenge, MrBeast gathered 11 social-media stars at London Southend Airport and asked them to hold their hands on the jet for as long as possible. The winner would get to keep the plane on the condition that they donated it to someone who needed it more than they did. Although the tail number is hidden throughout the clip, the aircraft appears to be an old Hawker 800.

To make it interesting, MrBeast made the YouTubers do laps around the jet, follow it as it rolled down the runway and even as it hit the skies. The perennial prankster tempted some to quit by offering them thousands of dollars. The contestants were also allowed to do anything to deter their fellow competitors except push them off. (There was a lot of screaming.) After 18 excruciating hours, Harry “W2S” Lewis was the last with a hand on the plane. Lewis decided to give the private jet to his brother and sister.
MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, rented out the entire airport to film the now-viral video. The 15-minute clip was first shared on November 12 and has since garnered more than 56 million views. “Facilitating such a production is fantastic for raising awareness of our great location, so close to London and serving the East of England,” John Upton, chief executive of London Southend Airport, told a local newspaper. “The airport team, many of whom are MrBeast fans, were delighted to safely enable and support the production.”
To offset the environmental impact of the challenge, MrBeast made a reforestation donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. He also said he will offset any carbon emissions created by the jet in the future, but did not state any specifics. At least the new owners can now fly the globe guilt-free.
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William Johnson

William Johnson

William J. has a degree in Computer Graphics and is passionate about virtual and augmented reality. He explores the latest in VR and AR technologies, from gaming to industrial applications.