Want to Move to London? Here Are 4 Essential Tips You Should Follow

If you are thinking of moving to London for school, business, or work, know that adapting to your new life will be difficult if you don’t plan your move correctly. The city is not cheap and is very competitive. Some people may also experience a slight or major culture shock when they get there, and you must understand what social life is like in the city before you move in. Let’s take a look at a few tips for people trying to relocate to an apartment in London.

Arranging Accommodation

As you may or may not know, there is a massive shortage of homes and apartments in the city, so you will need to have an accommodation plan. One of the things you could do is find a single room for rent via a reputable relocation platform in the beginning. Some of these relocation platforms have job boards and allow you to rent a room by the month with all the bills included. Renting a room like this will give you time to find something permanent.

Don’t rush the process, however. Accommodation in London is notoriously expensive, so you might not find something right away. Don’t get too excited if you find something that looks good on paper. rental scams are rampant in the city, so never agree to anything on a handshake. Make sure that you get a copy of the tenancy agreement and review it in detail before you pay for or sign anything.

Beware of Roommates

Moving in with roommates will be tempting as it will allow you to split the costs in half, but you have to be very careful. Unless you already have a relationship with the person, you will need to have a written agreement for things like bills and when payments are due. This should be a prerequisite when moving with anybody really, but it’s especially important with roommates you don’t know. Also, ask if they would be willing to let you run a background check on them.

Consider Moving During the Winter

This may sound counterintuitive, but we would suggest that you move to the city during the winter instead of waiting for spring or summer. London is crowded with tourists during most months of the year, and it will make logistics much more difficult for you. Arriving in the winter will make things like public transportation much more comfortable and less stressful. You won’t have to fight with tourists for accommodation either. This way you’ll arrive and be able to accommodate yourself easier in your apartment in London.

Find Your Tribe

Another thing we suggest is that you find like-minded people as soon as possible when arriving in the city. You can look for people who come from the same area as you or people in your profession. Connecting with people who’ve been in the city longer than you will help accelerate your integration. They might also help you find a job much better if you haven’t been offered one already.

These are all things you should consider before you officially make your move to the big city. Learn how to navigate it first and avoid costly mistakes.