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Twitter uplifts 140 character limit in Direct Messages

Twitter Inc. (NASDAQ: TWTR) has uplifted the limits on the maximum number of characters you can use in Direct Messages or DM. Previously which was only limited to the 140 characters is now uncapped allowing users to send each other DMs with no word limit — Brace yourself, long messages, stories, and jokes are soon going to land in your DM inbox.

Twitter Product Manager, Sachin Agarwal, said that starting today Twitter users will be able to send direct messages with unlimited characters. You can keep on chatting, send news or talk about latest memes just on the Twitter.

However, on the flip side, the tweets are still going to be limited to 140 characters and there is no hope for it to change anytime soon, but they can be included with photographs, vine videos and gifs to make the tweet much better.

The update for this new change in Direct Messages will start rolling out today on the Android, iOS, Tweetdeck and Twitter for Mac OS X.

Sachin also added that there is still going to be the same 140 characters limit while sending Direct Message via an SMS, so it’s better to use the updated app then sending the tweets or DM over the SMS.

Apart from that, Twitter have been working on new things that are much similar to that of Facebook. For example, the social networking giant has provided a new profiling for its users that allow them to have a cover image, and then there were ads in the News Feed as well.


Looking at the Twitter for this, the 140 character service also added these features by allowing the users to have a cover image, and also there were sponsored ads appearing at the third of fourth position of your Twitter feed.

Twitter and Facebook are closest rival of each other in the social media, however, Twitter takes the approach in much different way as there are no friends but followers, and often users share news or jokes but not the personal pictures or moments there.


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