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Top Tips to Market Your University


When you are trying to attract students to your university or other learning institution, there is no doubt that you face a lot of stiff competition these days. There are so many options out there, and the advent of online learning has meant that potential students are no longer restricted by geography in the way that they once were. So, you need to have a clear strategy in order to put yourself ahead of the competition. Bearing this in mind, here are a few top tips for marketing your university.

Create Original Content

Content is so important these days, and the production of high-quality and interesting material is ever-more important. However, it is not enough to just create it and hope that it finds an audience. You need to be active in promoting it as well. This also helps to put your website up on the pecking order with regards to search engines. For further support in this area, you can also turn to an education SEO agency service. Going back to the original point, it is highly important that this content is valuable and interesting to people and that you are not creating it just for the sake of it.

Utilize Your Students and Alumni


There are no better people to inform others about the positive qualities of your university than the people who are currently attending or those who have been in the past. So, feature some interesting material of campus life on your social media pages etc. If you have a team of people who actually attend the university working on your content strategy, this can help to provide it with a clear sense of direction that is informed by the people in the know. As for your alumni, it is valuable to showcase their achievements as this will allow you to demonstrate what can be achieved by attending your educational institution. Inviting them back to hold talks to prospective students can prove to be a highly worthwhile activity.

Use Your Online Channels Properly

There are a number of different online channels to utilize these days including your social media accounts and website. You need to ensure that everything is kept up to date and people have a reason to keep coming back time and time again. Think about where you are best going to attract prospective students. If you are aiming for a younger audience, you may be looking towards sites like Twitter, while Facebook may be more appealing to an older crowd of people.

Host and Promote Events

Events are a great way of bringing people together and showcasing what you are all about as a university. You need to ensure that they are well-promoted to get a good group of people through the door. Plus, events have the natural advantage of allowing you to create content that can fill up your social media accounts and website.

Proper promotion is a big part of running a university these days and a strong strategy needs to be in place.

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