TIME Magazine Oculus inventor cover image gets meme touch by Internet

TIME Magazine new cover has been hilariously¬†edited to create the funny memes. TIME Magazine’s cover image has featured the 22 years old former CEO Oculus Rift Palmer Luckey wearing its head wrap-around virtual reality headset. The people of the 21st century have said it is a ridiculous cover image the magazine has ever designed.

So here it is, the inventor Luckey seems to fly just above the surface in the amazement’s of the virtual reality headset. Classic geek get up with a t-shirt and blue navy jeans have been perfectly portrayed in the cover image.

However, just when we thought it is going normal, Tweets started to emerge with the memes made out by editing the cover image of TIME.

Here are some which are popular right now:







Apart from this, Pete seemed to like the cover image and said it is perfectly fine. In fact, he gave a laugh off to all the memes that surface. TIME magazine dedicated a page on their website to the hilarious event that occurred today. They featured some of the best memes on their website.

Apart from this all fun part, Since after its acquisition, Oculus has been making some good moves lately. The parent company, Facebook has already started making apps for it so as to test them on the VR BETA headsets. Developers are already joining this platform, and other tech giants have been jumping on it lately to build one of their own.

VR is apparently the future of everything we see today. Primarily it’s being used for the gaming purposes and in porn, days aren’t far when doctors will be using it to operate on patients while sitting miles away. Apart from that this could be very well used in giving combat training, or pilot courses. The possibilities with this device are just endless, and it is just getting to get started.



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