Home Science This is how ISS astronauts celebrated Thanksgiving in Space (video)

This is how ISS astronauts celebrated Thanksgiving in Space (video)


As we all know, Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and gathering; the scenario remains the same even for humans in space. American astronauts deployed in space celebrate the event and may also invite their Russian co-astronauts to join the celebration.

In a video shared on Monday, American astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) sent Thanksgiving greetings to people on Earth. The video features astronaut Kjell Lindgren, who said that he and his colleagues at the ISS are extremely thankful for getting the opportunity of spending time and working in the incredible orbiting laboratory. He said that the work that is currently going on at the ISS shows that what can happen when a number of great nations of the world join hands and work with cooperation, collaboration and communications.

Scott Kelly, who also featured in the video, said that living at an altitude that is even greater than that of the world’s tallest mountains provided him and his colleagues an absolutely different perspective about the experience of being a citizen of this amazing blue planet.


To make viewers happy, the two astronauts also performed zero-g flips right at the end of their Thanksgiving message.

For those who don’t know: Kelly was launched to the space station along with a couple of Russian astronauts this year in March. This was done to assess how much things have developed since the inception of the international space race, an event that helped NASA to reach its current position.





Mikhail Kornienko, a Russian cosmonaut, was launched alongside Kelly and is working on the same project as Kelly. Both of them will be living in space for a year to help scientists better understand long-term effects of space life on human body.

So, how will the astronauts in space celebrate Thanksgiving this year? The astronaut from the United States might have some dehydrated turkey. They will also share the meat with their Russian colleagues as they have always done when celebrating the event aboard the ISS.

According to NASA’s mission report, on the Thanksgiving Day of 2008, a shared a dinner was organized in the Zvezda Service Module by the crews of the ISS and the Endeavor. The astronauts sent back an amazing photograph featuring a Russian and 10 Americans breaking bread together to celebrate an out-and-out American holiday.

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