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This $370 Google Pixel 6a deal is the perfect price for a nearly-perfect phone – Android Police


Why wait and pay double for the Pixel 7 when this budget king is available?
It's not just one of the best Android phones on the market; the Google Pixel 6a is the hands-down best value of any Android phone today (and honestly, the best value in smartphones, period). At its normal price of $450, this phone gives you the same Google Tensor performance as the Pixel 6, the same exclusive Pixel features like the Pixel Recorder, Magic Eraser, and Automatic Call Screening, and all-day battery life.
Getting all of that for $370 instead is a downright steal.
As part of Amazon's Android Days Deals, Amazon is taking $79 off the Pixel 6a only a month after its July 28 release. If you need a new phone but can't spend more than $400, buy this right now and do not look back. The 6a is slated for five years of security updates and at least three years of OS upgrades, meaning this phone will stay safe and secure longer.
$370 at Amazon
The Google Tensor processor inside the 6a is the exact same as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and while it "only" had 6GB of RAM compared to the 6's 8GB, 90% of the time, you won't be able to tell the difference. You will be able to tell the difference in the cameras, but the Pixel 6a still takes quite decent shots. It shares the same camera sensor as the Pixel 5a (and several of its predecessors), but its photos still look good thanks to the processing prowess of Tensor and Google's years of experience with this sensor.
The only things you miss out on buying the 6a instead of the Pixel 6 — or upcoming Pixel 7 — are the upgraded camera sensor, 90Hz refresh on the screen, and wireless charging. I'll confess, after a month and a half on the Pixel 6a, I found myself missing wireless charging, but unless you already have charging pads strewn about your home, you won't miss it much.
If you are addicted to wireless charging, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are discounted, too. Unfortunately, they're selling out quite quickly. Only the Stormy Black is still fully discounted at $130 off — though you can get the 256GB Pixel 6 for $100 off. Likewise, only the 128GB Stormy Black Pixel 6 Pro is still in stock at its sale price of $616. The second-generation Pixel Stand is also $20 off, but that's still not enough of a discount to be worth it for most folks when many third-party Pixel 6 wireless chargers offer speeds that are plenty fast.
– Google Pixel 6 ($130 off): From $470 at Amazon
– Google Pixel 6 Pro ($284 off): $616 at Amazon
– Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen ($20 off): $60 at Amazon
Google's phones aren't the only ones discounted, either. Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra is $930 while the rest of the S22 line sees similar sales, but none of their slashed prices hold a candle to the Pixel 6a's $370 deal.
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