T-Mobile Sunsetting T-Mobile Tuesdays App, Releasing New T Life App – TmoNews

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T-Mobile has announced some news to start the year. This news may sadden some but the Un-carrier explains that they are making an improvement to its service. 
As reported by Android Authority, T-Mobile is sunsetting its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. The rewards program will now be incorporated into a new app called T-Mobile T Life. Through this new app, T-Mo promises to offer “access to benefits and more ways to connect with what’s important.” 
In the report, T-Mobile will be including a “Global” category with a map that shows the location of a SyncUP Kids Watch. There also seems to be another area where the status of an existing 5G Home Internet system is displayed. 
Don’t worry, T-Mobile’s Tuesdays rewards program is not going away. It will simply be included in this app. Both T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile subscribers will have access to this app. 
Right now, there is no word on when the new T Life app will be available. But once it is, the existing T-Mobile Tuesdays app will automatically be updated to this. This means that you won’t need to do anything if your app has been set to auto-update. 

Source: Android Authority
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