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Sundar Pichai to become head of prominent Google products


The internet giant, Google, has bestowed the directorship of key Google products upon the shoulders of the 42-year-old Chennai born, Pichai Sundararajan, mainly known as Sundar Pichai. In an exclusive and credible revelation, Google CEO, Larry Page, sent a memo to the entire staff on October 24th announcing his decision to give the leadership to Sundar Pichai.

In essence, Sundar Pichai will now have authority and control over Google+, research and development and infrastructure. And in addition to his new responsibilities, he will retain his previous obligations for Android, Chrome and Google Apps. Therefore, in effect, the 6 executives who are in charge of new products will now directly report to Sundar Pichai, instead of Larry Page himself.


Larry Page’s decision is said to borne out of his concern that Google will lose its innovative charm as it ages, and in order to alleviate his concern and his myriad of duties, he has chosen Sundar Pichai, so that he can focus on existing and new products.


However, Larry Page will continue to handle core business operations, Google X, Nest, Calico, legal and finance operations. For a background of Sundar Pichai, he is widely famous outside of Google, as he was a choice for CEO of Microsoft and Twitter also considered appointing Sundar Pichar for an important product role.

Before joining Google in 2004, Sundar Pichai worked at McKinsey & Co and Applied Materials, and is a graduate of Wharton Business School, Stanford University and Indian Institute of Technology.

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