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Speed up your Android device with simple developer trick

Android devices have always been known for their ability to give users options. We’re not talking about the kind of options that make a phone be brighter, or have a different wallpaper, but rather options that make a phone stick out. However, a while back Google added a settings menu to Android that really became a game changer for making devices faster. Whether we’re talking about the latest devices that have the best internal components, like six or eight core processors, or if we’re talking about devices that are built for pure performance. Even for those who are using budget friendly devices speed is just as important. Everyone should want to get the most out of their smartphone or tablet. That’s why it’s important to take the following steps and make your Android device work faster.

The first step in the process is ensuring that you have access to the secret menu or the developer settings menu that is present on every Android device after Android 4.3. Go into your settings, scroll to the bottom of the menu and at that point you’ll either see “Developer Settings” listed, or you’ll have to manually force developer settings to be revealed by putting your phone into developer mode. That isn’t very difficult, either. Users can activate this mode by simply going to the bottom of the settings menu, tapping on “About” and tapping seven times on the devices build number. This will set the device into developer mode and will give you access to these different menu options.

At this point, if you just transitioned your device into developer mode you’re going to be faced with some warning messages that might appear at first. Need not worry, unless you change everything in the settings menu, your phone will behave very nicely. That being said though, the next step is going through the settings and actually changing some of the visual settings that make new phones “look pretty” and those that make older devices, or budget devices drag.


Look for the settings that talk about “transition.” These are all visual settings that ultimately drive the device to slow down. They are originally installed to make the device look better, but in truth the only thing that these settings do is make them slow down as time goes on. Moving the scale from 1x down to .5x can make the device feel as though it got a complete overhaul. That being said, it will retain some of the visual appeal that the transition allows. Even better though is turning it off entirely to 0. While that might seem extreme, it’s a great option for those who are trying to make their devices max out. Especially those newer or older devices that either already perform insanely quickly, or those which could use a helpful boost like this.

Users should turn off their device and turn it back on though after changing these settings, as it’s important to give the device a chance to really soak in the changes. Once that happens, the device will respond really well and it will be like you have an entirely new Android device sitting in front of you, whether it’s brand new, or several years old.

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