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SC Criticizes Nupur Sharma And Claims That Her ‘Loose Tongue’ Caused Chaos In India


The Supreme Court took a harsh stance against ex-BJP leader Nupur Sharma on Friday after she stirred a storm with her comments on the Prophet and claimed that her free talk has ignited India. The SC bench pointed out that her rage was to blame for the sad events.

These comments were delivered by the SC bench in response to Nupur Sharma’s transfer request. Sharma requested that all of the cases brought against her in various states be moved to Delhi since her “life is threatened due to persistent threats,” according to her appeal. Nupur Sharma claimed that she frequently receives death threats from other places.

The bench remarked that Her apology was conditional, saying things like “if religious emotions are harmed” and other things and that it came too late. She ought to have apologized to the country on television right afterward.

The court criticized Sharma for her stubbornness and haughtiness, saying that as a party spokeswoman, power had overtaken Sharma.


During a TV debate, Sharma made a statement against the Prophet that led to nationwide protests and stern responses from numerous Gulf nations. She had subsequently been expelled from the BJP.

The Supreme Court rejected Sharma’s request for the clubbing of FIRS, which had been made against her in several states for the contentious remark, but permitted her to withdraw the request. Senior attorney Maninder Singh had attempted to establish Sharma’s good faith by claiming that an apology had been made immediately. However, the Supreme Court stated that this kind of citizen has an agenda and is only interested in obtaining cheap publicity.

The bench claimed that because of the way she sparked strong feelings across the nation, terrible things had occurred. What is occurring in India is all the fault of this woman.

The violent killing of a dressmaker in Udaipur by two men, who claimed in internet recordings that they were retaliating for disrespect to Islam, is the context in which the court’s remarks against the former BJP leader were made.

Maninder Singh said that the Supreme Court had established the rule in the Arnab Goswami case to prevent frivolous numerous FIRS for the very same alleged conduct when the SC bench instructed Sharma to approach the relevant trial courts and request bail in each FIR.

After about 30 minutes of arduous debating, the SC bench of Justices Surya Kant, as well as J. B. Pardiwala, declared that the petition would not be considered if the court was unconvinced of its legitimacy. Sharma’s attorney had to rescind the petition as a result of this.

According to The Times of India, Nupur Sharma’s problems have gotten worse as a result of the Supreme Court’s rejection of her appeal; now, she must cooperate with investigations in each state where an FIR has been filed accusing her of making a “Prophet remark.”

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