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A change to deliver a consistent look and feel across various Google products
Android 13 packs several new features and changes, including an enhanced Material You implementation with more vibrant and muted color tone options. As we noted in our Android 13 review, the OS packs a lot of iterative improvements and refines all the new features and changes that Google introduced in Android 12. But no major OS release is without issues, and Android 13 is no different. Since the OS launched in August, Pixel users have complained about Google Assistant only appearing in dark mode on their devices and not adhering to the system theme. So, even if you use the light theme, Assistant will show up on your phone with a dark theme. Turns out, this is not a bug and an intended behavior change.
The issue has actually been there since the beta stages of Android 13. Google acknowledged the problem soon after the OS's public release following a barrage of complaints from Pixel users. Over two months later, though, the issue still persists, and as it transpires, it's because Google has made this change intentionally.
A Googler has marked the status of the problem on the Issue Tracker as "Won't Fix (Intended Behavior)" and confirmed that Assistant would no longer be available in light mode on mobile. This change delivers "a more helpful visual experience across all your devices, including the Pixel Watch and Google TV." On the other two platforms, the voice assistant only shows up with a dark theme. And that's how it will appear on all Android 13 devices going forward.
Sadly, there's not much you can do about this change from Google except be vocal that you don't like it. This is just one of the new "ideas" that the Google Assistant team is trying to deliver a consistent look and feel across various products. The negative feedback may force them to reconsider bringing back light mode as an optional setting for Assistant on mobile devices.
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