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After the recent data leak, Samsung has reportedly banned the use of generative AI tools like-ChatGPT, Google Bard and Bing AI chatbot. As reported by Bloomberg, the company has notified its employees at one of its biggest divisions. This has come after Samsung engineers accidentally leaked sensitive data via ChatGPT.
Samsung bans use of AI generative tools like ChatGPT: Here’s why 
Samsung has reportedly banned the use of AI generative tools out of the concern that data used by these platforms is stored on external servers that might end up in the wrong hands.
As per the report, Samsung’s memo to employees read, “Interest in generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT has been growing internally and externally. While this interest focuses on the usefulness and efficiency of these platforms, there are also growing concerns about security risks presented by generative AI.”
The memo further revealed that the new policy has come after Samsung engineers accidentally leaked internal source code by uploading it on ChatGPT. “HQ is reviewing security measures to create a secure environment for safely using generative AI to enhance employees’ productivity and efficiency. However, until these measures are prepared, we are temporarily restricting the use of generative AI,” the memo said.
With the new policy in place, the ban on the use of AI generative tools will apply to Samsung owned-computers, tablet and phones.
Samsung engineers accidentally leak data on ChatGPT 
Samsung had allowed its engineers at the semiconductor division to use ChatGPT to help fix problems with source code. The employees mistakenly entered top-secret data like source code for a new program, and internal meeting notes relating to their hardware. In just a span of one month, three such incidents were reported.
It was earlier reported that to avoid making such mistakes, Samsung Semiconductor is working on its own AI for the internal use of employees. However, it will be limited to processing prompts under 1024 bytes in size.
‘Godfather of AI’ leaves Google to speak freely about dangers of AI 
There are concerns over potential dangers that AI tools can pose in the future. In a recent move, “Godfather of AI”, Geoffrey Hinton, called it quits at Google. In a tweet, he explained that he left Google so that he could talk about the dangers of AI, without considering how this impacts Google.
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