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Peter 19 September 2022
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The iPhone 14 series came out just last week (except the 14 Plus, which is coming next month) – is too early to start iPhone 15 rumors? No, those have been going on for a while now and LeaksApplePro just published a number of predictions.
All iPhone 15 models are expected to drop Lightning in favor of USB-C. That isn’t surprising since USB-C will become mandatory in the EU just a few months after the 15-series goes on sale.
There might be some reshuffling in the line-up with the “Pro Max” model being renamed “Ultra”. Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman have already suggested as much. It makes sense as it will better align with the Apple M1 and Watch naming schemes. The interesting thing about the iPhone 15 Ultra is that it will have some exclusive hardware.
8K video recording is one possibility, though it’s also possible that the iPhone 15 Pro will support it as well. Kuo also suggests that the Ultra will exclusively have a periscope lens (6x or 5x). Also, the Ultra will have improved battery life, last 3-4 hours longer.
With all these exclusive upgrades, the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to go up in price compared to the 14 Pro Max, possibly starting at $1,200 (up from $1,100), but that is still to be determined.
As for the rest of the series, there will be some unification – all four models are expected to adopt the Dynamic Island design. However, the two pairs will still use different tiers of chipsets, with the Pro and Ultra models moving to a new Apple A17, while the vanilla iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus will most likely get the current A16.
There have been some speculations that the FaceID hardware could go below the display leaving only the camera punch hole, but it will be months of development before it’s clear if this tech is viable or if it will have to wait another year.
It’s too early to tell whether the vanilla and Plus models will have high refresh rate displays and Always On modes (but again, they are a year away from launch).
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nah i see a lot people using iphone 13 and buy iphone 14 and they say iphone has best major os support for 5 year blah blah blah
No one can predict the design of the iPhone and the iOS thou.
Why not improve on the screens instead of adding an utterly USELESS feature like recording in 8k for a basic consumer device? Useless, because the devices these videos are shot at obviously cannot display the video in native resolution. And the …
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