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'Play it safe': Waco monkeypox patient encourages others to be cautious – 25 News KXXV and KRHD


WACO, Texas — One of the two confirmed monkeypox cases in McLennan County, a Waco man is urging others to use caution to prevent the spread of the rash-causing virus.
Hector Martinez Villa, 29, said he first had symptoms of the virus at the end of July. Days later, he noticed a rash on his face that later tested positive for monkeypox. He said he has been in quarantine since the rash appeared and is recovering at home.
“I don’t want to be one of those people that knowingly have a virus or a disease and are out here getting other people infected,” Villa said.
On Thursday, the US Department of Health and Human Services declared the outbreak a public health emergency. The CDC reports nearly 750 cases in Texas.
The White House announced its plan to expand vaccine availability nationwide by lowering its dosage and changing it to a shallower, “intradermal” administration route.
Texas DSHS said while the improved availability is promising, there are still many steps to take before the state can change its dosage plans.
“There are some things we have to figure out and get with our federal partners on. It takes different syringes and needles, where are those gonna come from?” DSHS spokesperson Chris Van Deusen said.
The CDC urges people to avoid skin-to-skin contact with people with monkeypox symptoms and to wash their hands often.
Villa said he is unsure where he contracted the virus and encourages others to be careful.
“It’s cool to go out, but take some hand sanitizer with you. You don’t know how people are in terms of cleanliness,” Villa said. “Play it safe, watch who you’re around.”


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