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GTA 6 will finally be revealed in December.
New files added to GTA Online has a Rockstar Games insider suspecting that GTA 6 will come loaded with role-play features and lots of customization options for the open world.
GTA 6 is easily one of the most anticipated games of all time despite not even being officially revealed by Rockstar.
Although leaks have confirmed a return to Vice City, a female protagonist, new weapons, and an assortment of gameplay features, Rockstar has remained mum on all things GTA VI related.
As fans await news and an announcement trailer, it seems like Rockstar could be preparing for the next iteration of GTA Online 2 behind the scenes with some files that suggest Grand Theft Auto 6 will have some RP features.
In a thread on GTA Forums, respected insider Tez2 made some interesting discoveries about scripts in Rockstar games, noting that RDR1 and RDR2 had some similarities between them.
Tez2 hypothesized: “This leads me to think. We all know VI will be based off RDR2 from the leaks, but the scripts may retain a level of resemblance much like the case here with RDR1 & RDR2.”
Although there wasn’t much to go on with GTA 5’s single player, GTA Online has scripts being made with creator tools that raised some eyebrows.
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“These new tool/s are more of level editors, part of the creator/UGC system, benefiting designers. But if those tools were more meant for VI and simply backported to GTAO, then there could be more to them than benefiting designers,” Tez2 explained.
The tools allow for a variety of enhancements and detail to the game world with the insider listing weapons an NPC would have, the scenarios they would be spawned in, behavior of security guards, and more.
According to Tez2, this means it could be possible to customize the freemode experience of GTA VI.
“This is where I could see them involving the role-playing community. Both Rockstar and Take-Two have seen the potential of role-play and wouldn’t want to miss out on that if VI is set to last a decade ahead,” he said.
Given the popularity of GTA RP, it would make sense for Rockstar to try to be more involved or even monetize off of role-playing experiences.
Of course, until anything is confirmed, take this with a grain of salt and a pinch of pepper, but with GTA 6 rumored to finally be released in 2024, hopefully we’ll get some answers relatively soon.
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