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Netflix releases the trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie ‘The Mother’ – AS USA


Netflix’s TUDUM event, basically a showcase of the platform’s upcoming programems and films, showed the first trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new film, The Mother.
J-Lo stars as a retired assassin living out in the wilderness who is called back into action to protect her daughter. It features car chases, snowy landscapes, desert battles and more.
“She needs protection right now,” Lopez says, followed by a clip of her daughter, played by Lucy Paez being taken by a man.
The villains will be played by Joseph Fiennes, brother of Ralph, alongside Gael García Bernal. Paul Raci plays a character who assists J-Lo.
Niki Caro directs in her first film since the release of the live-action Mulan film from 2020. Lopez will be joined by Elaine Goldsmith Thomas and Benny Medina for Nuyorican Productions as producers, the first time the singer-turned-actress’s production company has worked with Netflix.
The Mother is set to premiere on Netflix in May 2023. It could mark the beginning of the end for the wave of big-budget Netflix films. Recently the poor economic outlook for the company, driven by a fall in subscribers for the first time, has changed the strategy for the streaming giant.
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