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Musk's friends warned him against buying Twitter – Axios


Several of Elon Musk's friends privately counseled him against acquiring Twitter, once they realized that he wasn't joking around, Axios has learned.
Why it matters: Musk didn't take the advice. He's now is trying to back out of his $44 billion agreement, with a trial set for next month in Delaware.
Other Musk confidants first learned about Musk's offer via his tweets. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, part of the so-called "PayPal Mafia" with Musk, spoke to Axios for its new season of "How It Happened." The podcast series explores the collision between the world's richest man, and one of its most influential social media platforms:
🎧 Go deeper: Episode 1 of How It Happened: Elon Musk vs. Twitter
Axios managing editor of business and markets Javier E. David, How It Happened senior producer Naomi Shavin and How It Happened reporter-producer Amy Pedulla contributed reporting for this story.


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