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Jimmy Donaldson’s video stunts and giving away millions makes him one of the richest YouTubers
MrBeast, the American YouTube star, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, has a net worth of $100 million, according to recent reports.
In November 2022, MrBeast was looking for investors to buy into his business at a valuation of $1 billion, although it is not clear if he attracted any investors or what the final valuation was.
Despite this, Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has admitted that he does not profit from his videos, but rather pours all the money back into production.
MrBeast is known for his philanthropic stunts on YouTube, where he gives away large sums of money to friends and charity.
He is considered a pioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunt videos and one of the highest-paid YouTubers on the planet. In 2020, he earned $24 million from his YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and sponsorships with brands like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.
MrBeast makes a minimum of $3 million per month from YouTube ads alone, not including in-video brand deals. He invests the majority of his video earnings back into video production, spending as much as $300,000 on one video. His stunts tend to have a philanthropic angle, like giving money to strangers or adopting an entire shelter of rescue dogs.
MrBeast has over 140 million subscribers across his three main channels: MrBeast, MrBeast Shorts, and Beast Reacts. His combined subscriber count technically makes him the most-subscribed US-based YouTube creator. In 2020, he won the YouTuber of the Year award and the Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards.
MrBeast started posting videos on YouTube at the age of 12 under the user name “MrBeast6000”. He briefly attended college but dropped out to pursue a YouTube career full time.
He gained widespread popularity after the release of the video “counting to 100,000” in 2017, where he spent 44 hours counting to 100,000. Today, his YouTube accounts have more than 90 million combined subscribers and have generated more than 10 billion video views.
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