Home Technology Mozilla Firefox web browser adds tracking protection in Private Window

Mozilla Firefox web browser adds tracking protection in Private Window


Stepping forward Mozilla Firefox has pushed a new build to its developer that would not only help in private surfing but will also enable an anti-tracking for the websites you will be visiting. So far all of these browsers were only providing a way to hide your surfing data only from the computer, but the site you were visiting knows the type of OS you using, location, and few other details.

Mozilla has always stood for the privacy and freedom of speech on the Internet, and this new feature is only the outcome of their belief. As per the details of this latest pre-BETA build, Firefox will be disconnecting you from the services that are used for tracking, which in some cases result in the breaking of a website. To solve this, Mozilla has provided an option just to enable some of the trackers that help website identify your identity. There is a ‘Shield’ icon which after tapped or clicked results in a drop down menu or we can say banner that has information about the website SSL and also an option to disable the protection with “Disable Protection” at the bottom.

A majority of the websites are expected to not to break over it, but those who do, Mozilla has given this feature to disable the tracking in the private window.

Without a doubt, not only it will help you from hiding your data from different people using your computer, but will also make website stay silent about your location and the type of device you using for accessing their site.


Apart from this, tracking protection can also be enabled in the standard browsing mode as well, which is a great thing to have. Certain tweaks in the Firefox configuration can help you achieve that as well.

Apart from that, Mozilla is also asking all of the plugin developers to sign them so as to ensure the protection and also the intactness of the new feature they have enabled. By signing, which is a mandatory, Mozilla will establish an authenticity that will help browser in protecting the user’s information.

The build is currently available on the Aurora channel and can be downloaded for the Android and other computer platforms.

This is a very great feature, and surely Mozilla users are going to give it a try. But, here is a thing that matters, since after Edward Snowden had leaked documents about American government abusing people’s privacy, everybody started to care about their privacy on the Internet.

However, in reality, it is very easy to ask someone for their password. Don’t believe it? Check this YouTube video here.

Apart from that, there are people in this world who says anyone can spy on us, as we don’t have anything to hide. Then, please comment down the username and password of your online accounts, emails and let people see what you have.

Mozilla did an excellent work, and it will help people in protecting their privacy online.

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