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There’s bad news for Windows 10 users and anyone holding out upgrading to Windows 11 – Microsoft’s latest client roadmap update confirms that Windows 10 will no longer receive feature updates.
Windows 10 is still a popular operating system with many holding out against Windows 11 (Photo by … [+] Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
This means that any new features introduced to other operating systems such as Windows 11, will not find their way to the popular older operating system. This could mean PC hardware performance updates from the likes of AMD or Intel along with useful upgrades to Windows features will no longer be coming to Windows 10.
The last version of Windows 10 is the current one – 22H2, which was released late last year minus subsequent revisions. The feature updates have traditionally included tweaks to the OS to improve usability and add new features or better-support new hardware, often adding performance benefits.
Windows 10 feature updates have ended with the latest version being the last
However, other updates such as bugs and security fixes will continue to be deployed for Windows 10 until its retirement date on 14th October 2025 – 10 years after it was released. Most people wanting to stick with Windows 10 likely won’t be too sad at the news, though, given they’ve been holding out to avoid the potential stability issues and other problems with Windows 11.
The new OS has certainly received more than its fair share of bad press with countless bad updates wrecking havoc with people’s PCs and many failing to install properly. Microsoft has had to withdraw an unprecedented number of updates after flaws were found too and Windows 11 was well-known for causing slow-downs on systems across a wide range of applications including reducing game performance. ven more recently, updates have caused significant problems.
The final retirement date has been known for some time but we now have concrete information that Windows 10 will remain in its current form and will not receive new feature updates. The positive side of this is that Microsoft hopefully can’t introduce anything that will cause problems, unless these come from bug or security updates.
Windows 10 users will then have until October 2025 – 17 months – to use Windows 10 before its security support ends and it potentially becomes risky to use. This is due to Microsoft’s security updates plugging important vulnerabilities in the OS – something it does on a monthly basis with security updates.
Needless to say, on its client roadmap update page, Microsoft highly recommends you transition to Windows 11 or if you are currently holding out on Windows 10, to download the latest 22H2 version from Windows Update, so you continue to receive security updates until it’s retired in October 2025.


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