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During a recent private meeting with a leading ad agency, Microsoft presented a demo of the updated Bing and revealed its intention to permit paid links within search result responses, according to an anonymous ad executive who attended the meeting.
Big plans for the future. Microsoft anticipates that the Bing AI chatbot’s more human-like responses will attract a larger user base for its search feature, resulting in an increase in advertisers. Additionally, advertisements incorporated within the Bing chatbot may have a greater presence on the page compared to typical search ads.
According to an ad executive who attended the meeting, Microsoft is currently experimenting with ads in the initial version of the Bing chatbot, which is accessible to a restricted number of users. Reuters has also reported seeing such ads this week.
Microsoft stated that it is incorporating conventional search ads – a form of advertisement where companies pay to have their websites or products displayed on search results for keywords relevant to their business – and integrating them into responses produced by the Bing chatbot.
What Microsoft says. Nothing. Microsoft declined to comment on the specifics of its plans.
The new Bing. Microsoft’s redesigned Bing search engine, which has a waitlist of millions of people seeking access, presents a highly profitable prospect for the company. In an investor and press briefing held last week, Microsoft announced that each percentage of market share it captures in the search advertising market has the potential to generate an additional $2 billion in advertising revenue.
Users who have tried the new Bing experience say that it’s lightning fast and better than expected. But some are also experiencing erratic, gaslighting, and somewhat emotional responses from Sydney (the ChatGPT AI).
Why we care. Microsoft’s plans to monetize its revamped Bing search engine and chatbot has the potential to expand its target audience and provide them with more prominent ad placement on the page.
The Bing chatbot’s more human-like responses could attract a larger user base, resulting in increased exposure for ads displayed within the chatbot. Additionally, the integration of conventional search ads into the chatbot’s generated responses can provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach a wider audience while also having their ads displayed more prominently on the page.
Microsoft’s plans to capture a greater market share in the search advertising market could also signify increased competition for Google, giving advertisers another avenue to explore for their advertising campaigns.
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