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Microsoft released a new Insider build for its Windows 11 operating system. Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22610 introduces new group policies for IT administrators, that modify the default functionality of the taskbar, Start menu and the system tray.
Administrators may enable the following policies in the Group Policy Editor or deploy them using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. All policies are listed under User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar in the new Insider build.
Here is the list of the policies:
Administrators may configure the policies to limit functionality on Windows 11 PCs. Some restrict core operating system features such as Search, others block flyouts that users may find distracting. The policies may be useful in some environments, e.g., on kiosk systems that should not allow users to run searches or use other features that should not be available in first place.
The new Windows Insider build includes improvements to the Family Safety Widget. The widget supports a new location sharing view that shows the locations of connected family members, those who use the Family Safety app on their devices, on a map. Microsoft notes that there is also an improved screen time view that displays how long different devices and apps have been used on a given day.
The new build has no watermark on the desktop anymore, but Microsoft notes that the watermark will be restored in future updates of the operating system.
Windows 11 version 22610’s Task Manager uses accent colors for the heatmap.
Dev and Beta builds have the SMB1 client disabled by default; this will be the default for the next feature update version of Windows 11. For now, this is limited to Insider builds of the operating system.
Microsoft continues to fix plenty of issues in new Insider builds. The release of Windows 11 version 22H2 comes closer, and it is an important release for Microsoft, as it gives an indicator on the maturity of the operating system.
You can check out the full release notes of the latest Windows 11 Insider build here.
How much of the corporate base evaluations (supports) Win11?
Is Microsoft communicating with their primary customers (large corporations)?
Incidentally, the systems department at our company (a large international corporation) has actually tested various systems and has stated that they “will not adopt Win11”.
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“Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22610 introduces new group policies for IT administrators, that modify the default functionality of the taskbar, Start menu and the system tray.” I expected a lot of useful things, such setting the taskbar on top, drag and drop feature and so forth, mainly to restore the lost functionality without having to install each new update some third party software. After long months waiting for some good things from W11, I finally think that Microsoft guys are playing an unlucky communist game with us all: they have given us a terrible sad OS, however we will end by thanking them for giving us back by pieces the same things they taken from us. They are desperated to sell us the idea that W11 is good. Don’t be fool, if you are on W10, wait till 2025 and enjoy three years of peace. Or whatever that MS understand for “peace”. Thanks for the article! :]
@John G.,
> Don’t be fool, if you are on W10, wait till 2025 and enjoy three years of peace
Or switch to Linux forever and enjoy true peace of mind.
@snuffy indeed a nice alternative too! I am now between W11 and Ubuntu 22 and my work is more productive while using Ubuntu, it works like a charm, and it’s available to detect printers in seconds! :]
I wrote an article on why Windows 11 was the last straw for me and switched to Linux. Ill never go back.
@Scott Larson, nice article, thanks! :]
Whenever I hear a company use the words ‘family’ or ‘safety’ I automatically think, great more spyware.
My taskbar overflow is gone after latest update
I had an update today and now my taskbar overflow box is gone.
– The overflow up arrow is gone, and the taskbar “overflow corner” selection is also gone from settings. I do see a “Hidden icon menu” selection in the taskbar “Other system tray icons”, but toggling this does nothing. If I select icons under it to on, those background app icons are permanently on the taskbar, not in the overflow section. sfc /scannow is fine, rebooting does nothing.
—Try performing a Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?
*** Clean Boot did not solve anything
Still nothing of importance. Useless insider builds.
I still don’t see cut and paste on the right click menu which means 500 to 700 calls will go to our help desk saying we can’t cut and paste at work. All the freaken notification icons on the right taskbar still are hidden by default so each time you install an app requiring you to manually add them one by one! ? Hidden notification icons are poor UI design and drive users like me nuts if we can’t see them. If you can’t see them how can you be notified?
You still can’t scroll all apps and you can’t move the taskbar to either side and combine when full still is not there.
Nope. Sticking with Windows 10 until it catches up with Windows XP
I expected to see actual useful features. Instead I see ways of making it even more restricted.

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