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Money for Excel, Wolfram Data Types, and Partner Offers are all getting cut out in a bid to keep Excel slim of unwanted features.
When was the last time you used Money, the Wolfram Data Types, or Partner Offers in Excel? If the answer to that question is a resounding "what?" then you likely won't shed a tear after Microsoft removes these three features from Excel due to lack of use.
You can read all the details about this removal on the Microsoft Support website. In the article, Microsoft makes its case as to why it's removing each of these features.
For example, Microsoft believes that Money, a financial template for Excel, probably isn't best suited for its spreadsheet software:
We’ve learned a lot from Money in Excel and appreciate the many needs people have for their families and their money. We believe there are other areas where we can have a greater impact and will be focusing on those going forward.
Microsoft cites a similar reason for not including Partner Offers. As for the Wolfram Data Types, Microsoft states that it simply didn't want to work with the mathematical company anymore. You can still keep your existing data after the removal; they just won't connect to an online service anymore.
Usually, packing software full of software is a good thing. But when those features aren't used very often, all they do is bloat up the program and make things harder for people to use.
As such, while there will likely be people who miss these features, it's a good move to keep the program as slim as possible. That way, people don't need to dig through endless unused features to get to the one they want.
With all productivity software, some features get used more than others. With these three being sunset, it'll be interesting to see how Microsoft reworks them in future apps, if at all.
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