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Microsoft continues to show a surprising level of love for Linux, and nowhere is this clearer than in the Windows Subsystem for Linux. With the latest version of the software, the company has worked with Canonical to bring systemd support to WSL for Windows 11.
What does this mean in practice? It means that as of Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.67.6 there is support for Ubuntu’s snap installation method. But there is much more to the arrival of system support than this.
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Described as a “suite of basic building blocks for a Linux system”, the arrival of systemd support is a significant advancement for Windows Subsystem for Linux. Microsoft says that adding support meant making changes to the WSL architecture.
The likes of Debian and Ubuntu run systemd by default, and Microsoft says that WSL will be even more similar to using your favorite Linux distros on a bare metal machine. Of course, it will also let you use software that depends on systemd support, and the company also shares a few examples of Linux applications that are systemd dependent:
Microsoft has published an interesting video in which it shares details of what the changes mean:
 Microsoft explains how to use system:
To get started, you will need to do these two things:
– Ensure you are running the right version of WSL: Version 0.67.6 and above
– Set the systemd flag set in your WSL distro settings
The company also details how to ensure you have the correct WSL version:
This change is only available in the Microsoft Store version of WSL version 0.67.6 and higher. You can check your version number by running wsl –version. If that command fails then you are running the in-Windows version of WSL and need to upgrade to the Store version.
This version of WSL is now available in the Microsoft Store to users on Windows Insiders build for initial testing, and then after a few weeks we will make it available to all users to ensure quality. You can run wsl –update to check for any WSL updates.
If you are not on Windows Insiders and want to use it immediately, you can download the latest release from the WSL release page.
Over on GitHub, there full changelog for this version is available:
More information is available in the blog post.
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