If you lose weight, you could reverse diabetes, says study

A new study by Roy Taylor, a world renowned Professor of Medicine and Metabolism at Newcastle University has shown that people who reverse diabetes and keep their weight down can be free of diabetes, as per a report dated March 21, 2016.

In addition to this, the found that patients having Type 2 diabetes can reverse their condition for up to 10 years. This study was published in the journal ‘Diabetes Care’.

This research provides evidence that people with Type 2 diabetes who lose weight successfully can reverse this condition since fat is removed from the pancreas and insulin production is returned to normal.

A previous study that was published in 2011 by Professor Taylor showed that low-calorie diet can help in reversing diabetes. This gained a lot of international interest, but the study was a short one as it was just 8 weeks.

This new study had 30 volunteers with Type 2 diabetes who embarked on the same diet of around 700 calories daily. On an average, participants lost 14kgs jut over two stone. Over the next six months, no weight was regained.

This group involved many people having longer duration diabetes which was defined more than eight years and ranged up to 23 years.

Overall, 12 patients having diabetes for less than ten years could reverse the condition and post six months; they remained diabetes free.

Although volunteers lost weight, they remained obese or overweight but lost enough fat for removing fat out of pancreas, thus allowing normal production of insulin.

Professor Roy stated that they have shown that reversing diabetes is possible even if the condition prevails for a long time, say around ten years.

If the diagnosis is done longer than that, there is a possibility of major improvement in blood sugar control.


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